Do You Really Need a Registry Cleaner?


Your computer stores its configuration information and installed programs in the registry so that your operating system can use them. Thus to keep your computer healthy, healthy registry must be maintained too. Usual indications that you’re PC is having registry problems are slow performance, frequent crashing, and the annoying Microsoft Windows error messages.

If you:

a. Have old drivers on your sytem that have not been removed
b. Often install and uninstall different softwares

c. Have unknowingly harbor spywares and / or adwares in your sytem
d. Have removed software by deleting them from the Program Files folder
e. Install or uninstall hardware.

then you definitely need to repair your Microsoft Windows registry on a regular basis. All of the above leave traces in your registry that will only hurt your PC in the long run. If you don’t clean your computer and fix your registry then you are going to have a big headache in the near future.

Before you try to clean or fix anything though, always make sure to backup your registry. Most registry cleaners will automatically backup the registry for you, but it’s better to check first. Remember, don’t try to edit anything in the registry yourself unless you are computer savvy.

So do you really need a registry cleaner? The answer is… most probably. A registry cleaner is essential because it cleans your PC of unwanted and redundant items in your registry. Is your computer slowing down for no apparent reason? After running your antivirus and anti-spyware programs, are you still having errors? Chances are your registry is going haywire. Thus come registry cleaner to the rescue. If you’re an expert, though, and can heavily tinker with the registry with no problems, then there’s no need for a registry cleaner.

If you keep your registry clean, your system free of viruses and spyware, your computer will last much longer. Just be careful in choosing a registry cleaner utility because there are some that pose as registry cleaners, but in truth are actually malware / scareware programs. You can get free registry cleaners or paid registry cleaners with more PC performance tune-up functionalities.